Speak to Yourself Nicely

Being brought up in the Western world in a catholic environment I was taught to always care about others more than myself, which stops you speaking to yourself nicely.

Now I am an adult and I have experienced and seen the damage this ethos has done to me and brought to my generation and generations above me. Startlingly though even though the catholic system is no longer the dominant sought after education for children in my local area the same message is the one that is being taught to our children. The repercussions of this are drastic as it means that no matter what our intuition tells us is right for us we ignore it. We ignore it in favor of other people’s opinions and actively seek out approval for our thoughts and actions. Is it any wonder that we have greater problems than ever with mental health, how many mental disorders are real! I think the lack of support we are taught to give ourselves is one of the causal effects of new mental illness which we find a chemical fix for in the way of anti-depressants, therapy and counseling to name a few of which the government allow doctors to prescribe.

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I’m not arguing that there is no such thing as mental illness, I am in no way qualified or educated to speak as such. I’m merely suggesting a rational idea led by nothing more than the ability to trust my intuition (which is wonderful gift gifted to us from nature) and the intuitively led self-education I have been programming myself with as I grow and develop though life.


So my gift to you today is to go look in a mirror and say ‘I am amazing, I have everything I need to thrive’ do this regularly throughout the day, do it regularly throughout every day and see what happens to the way you think about yourself, will you stop looking for approval? Will other people’s opinions matter? Do you really need to be dependent on someone else to realise your own strength? Is this what it means to have Faith? You were never conceived to fit in a box, You were conceived to create and add value to the species by just being who we You are?


Live Free.Live Happy

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Susan xoxo

Joining the Yogi’s of the world

I have always had a massive interest in dance and gymnastics, unfortunately as I have grown up my path has been reasoned with and has met the expectations others had of me. Recently I have had what feels like a huge awakening in that I have actually been taught that following my own desires and expectations of myself is not a selfish act but the act of kindness, that is why I find myself joining the Yogi’s of the World.


The programming I like most of the western world have been educated with whilst developing my skill sets in life have been detrimental to my very being.  Now I am learning to be kind to myself and Yoga plays a big part of this. In the first instance it satisfies the desires of the little girl I was and helps sustain the new learning and development of the woman I am now. Instead of being a runner, swimmer, cyclist and all round general athlete that can only dedicate time to be brilliant to a point (I’ve done all three, not for my benefit)  which attracts a negative energy I have decided to stop competing with expectation and just get to understand what I want from life.


In the second instance as I get older I don’t want to feel older. I have no desire in looking at someone else and saying to myself ‘I used to be able to do that’. Age is a number and time nothing more than a man made concept, and though my children are starting their journey’s in adulthood I still want to be able to feel the vibrations of their worlds. I will do this by being able to be of the mindset needed to support their experiences. This is a great element the peace and clarity the meditational side of Yoga gives and leaves you open to receive, and they can always join in.


Have a peaceful day and remember to be kind to yourself first, the vibrational impact in amazing.

Live Free.Live Happy

Susan xoxo

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