Sexy Saturday Night

It’s arrived, the much anticipated event of most peoples week, Saturday Night!

I hope you are having a great time dining out, watching movie, spending time with loved ones or having a sociable drink!

For me this week I couldn’t think of anything worse so  I am tucked up in bed with my laptop writing a blog post chuckling away to myself at the sorry state of affairs that this post would read.

P.S I love to party like with the best of the party animals in town, this week I feel a little under the weather, like I need to give myself time off, which as  a budding entrepreneur with massive plans and a huge vision I simply can not do! Most would say that’s the sacrifice one makes for having such lofty ambitions, but for me and for the record I love my life, I love my lifestyle for me it’s pleasure, not work, it’s my vocation and the example I want to set as a Mum, a good nights sleep should do the trick, I have a meeting to look forward to tomorrow.


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Goodnight to you all,

Susan xoxo