Save The Last Dance – Vintage Market

The last Sunday of the month has just passed us by and has turned out to be an interesting day indeed. So we did our usual monthly Vie Beads outing at the Brew Haus Market in Bradford where I get to meet up with some of my favourite entrepreneurial women, Jen, Connie and Jill. Due to the Goth weekend in Whitby, Catherine of Purple butterfly Jewellery was away and some of the other usual stall holders were missing for reasons yet unknown to me.

Anyway not to worry I went with one purpose only really this weekend and it was to get some awesome Hanna art from one of Yorkshire’s finest henna artists Connie Tu. Staying true to my boho ethos I got a simple and beautifully drawn mandala for the back of my hand.


For more information about Connie and her art visit her blog

The wonderful Jen who’s creative business Just by Jen is seeing a rise in popularity this year was as happy as ever sporting her Headbands and wonderful creations, of which I own a couple of pieces of course. In the spirit of girly friendships I tried on a couple of her amazing flower headbands and discovered that actually they would be a great prop for my impending bohemian inspired photoshoot which I am slowly planning on a secret Pinterest Board.


See more of Jen and her beautiful flower work find her on Facebook at

Another one of my favourite stall holders is Jill aka The Wax Witch. Jill makes awesome scented candles and waxed acorns so I indulged in some beautifully scented wax melts for my burners at home.25th-April-blog-Jills-Wax-2

To see more of Jill the Wax Witch visit her here

For me this was like the long kiss goodnight. I have loved being part of the team as it were at the Brew Haus, but as it does one’s time does come to an end and the last dance comes before we call it a day and move forward this was my last dance with the Brew Haus.


Vie Beads has been working to build it’s online presence as was always the plan from starting the business in September last year. I have spent months agonising over the look and feel of my brand and learning what it’s all about and how I best present it. My work on my Online Etsy shop has been has been a phenomenal teacher and in learning I have been able to assist others in building up their brands, confidence, and understanding of what their brand is all about. I have had support from a fantastic Business Coach, Simon Cartwright of ThinkPositive Coaching and it’s time to step up and deliver more to my audience.


I have really enjoyed meeting the people of Bradford and am really grateful for their loyalty and support, Some have followed me through twitter to the Market stall to buy gifts for loved ones which is just fabulous for a brand as young as Vie Beads. I feel a need to say thank you to the Owners of Brew Haus Bradford and Tikio Industries which is a new venture itself. I love the ethos they have in supporting local and I will continue to share the love as it were in support of their continued efforts to bring something positive and great to the table in Bradford.


Now it’s time to move on, Vie beads remains online, and continues to grow, develop and learn. The newsletters and blogs will be weekly for subscribers, should you wish to receive them please leave us your name and email address in the subscription form. Our next event will be the Girls Day Out show in Glasgow at the end of the year where I look forward to meeting you all again.


Live Free.Live Happy





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I am a lover of all things involving life and living. After being under a dark cloud of uninspired thinking I fell to the bottom of the world (my world) and saw what I wanted to achieve with my life. My goal in life is to be able to everyday teach my children the art of being happy because the alternative is unbearable. I am doing this by devoting my life to the things I want to achieve which keeps my happy centred on my well-being and personal growth and teaching my children how to do the same. I am a lover of fashion, culture, psychology and holistic living. I practise all very day, Fashion with my Jewellery business in which I make luxury, bohemian inspired hippie chic jewellery using various Semi-precious stones, Glass beads, Swarovski, Leather and Silver. I am newly qualified fitness professional a qualification I also gained September 2015 at the same time I set up my Etsy shop, I work in my local gym. My concentration of development is on my Jewellery crafting, Yoga and inspired holistic living and long term I plan to move from the UK. Where that is I don't know yet and I don't need to know, I am simply enjoying learning to trust the journey. It feels good to be free! Long term the fitness experience will develop into a life coaching business more than likely called VIE. Feel free to follow me on my journey, I hope I can inspire any reader of this to simply dedicate their life to what makes them HAPPY.

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