Vintage Market

Thank you to the Brew Haus Bradford who once again put on a fantastic event for the city. It was nice to see the local exchange students and patrons pop in to see what the stall holders had to offer in light of Mother’s Day and Easter fast approaching. For us it was great to see our table gaining plenty of new admirers and speaking with exchange students from Bradford University.


The highlight of the Brew Haus event though as always was the live music, and we treated to excellent vocals from local musician Nessa Ndukuba.


It was also lovely to see Glenn Hustler back with his satirical comedic wares.

Following up from our last blog we have new addition to our Etsy shop. Our Men’s section is being filled with the new collection this week and as if that wasn’t keeping us busy enough we will be attending the Leeds Fashion Festival held by Fabrication, which we are looking forward to, as we are not exhibiting at this event we get the opportunity to just enjoy it and be sociable.


Join us again next Wednesday for more updates on the goings on at Vie Headquarters, and if you would like us to visit an event near you, just ask and we will see what we can do.

Live Free.Live Happy


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I am a lover of all things involving life and living. After being under a dark cloud of uninspired thinking I fell to the bottom of the world (my world) and saw what I wanted to achieve with my life. My goal in life is to be able to everyday teach my children the art of being happy because the alternative is unbearable. I am doing this by devoting my life to the things I want to achieve which keeps my happy centred on my well-being and personal growth and teaching my children how to do the same. I am a lover of fashion, culture, psychology and holistic living. I practise all very day, Fashion with my Jewellery business in which I make luxury, bohemian inspired hippie chic jewellery using various Semi-precious stones, Glass beads, Swarovski, Leather and Silver. I am newly qualified fitness professional a qualification I also gained September 2015 at the same time I set up my Etsy shop, I work in my local gym. My concentration of development is on my Jewellery crafting, Yoga and inspired holistic living and long term I plan to move from the UK. Where that is I don't know yet and I don't need to know, I am simply enjoying learning to trust the journey. It feels good to be free! Long term the fitness experience will develop into a life coaching business more than likely called VIE. Feel free to follow me on my journey, I hope I can inspire any reader of this to simply dedicate their life to what makes them HAPPY.

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